Personal Makeup Coaching

Navigating the makeup aisle, much less an entire makeup store can be overwhelming and expensive. Often times, we end up buying products from well-intentioned (and sometimes not well-intentioned) sales people thinking that we can totally make this product work. Then we get home and realize we don’t remember anything the sales person said and now we’ve applied it and we look like a clown. Sound familiar?

Maybe you look in your bathroom drawer and see hundreds of dollars of stuff that you have absolutely no clue how to apply? Where does the light shade go? What about the dark shade? How in the world do you get a winged liner without looking like a raccoon??

Why do I need personalized makeup coaching?

If any of the above scenarios sound vaguely familiar, let’s spend a little time together learning the right information without any pushy salespeople trying to sell you products.

I want you to feel confident buying products, whether at a gas station or a high-end, hoity toity department store. I want you to choose makeup that is right for your skin type, your skin tone, your eye color, your hair color, your face shape. I want you to stop spending money on more products and learn how to correctly use the products you already have.

What will I learn and How much is it?

$50 | Glow Out for the Day – You will learn the basics of your skin (skin type, skin tone) and how to apply a very quick and easy timeless day look that will have you ready to face anything the world may bring you. These are the very basics.

$75 | Glow Out at Work – You will learn the basics of your skin and we will execute definition and polish for any simple work day or the most defining moment of your career. 

$100Glow Out on the Town – You will learn the basics of your skin and how to properly create depth, definition and drama for an evening out.

$175Glow Out All Day – You will learn everything from Glow Out for the Day, Glow Out at Work and Glow Out on the Town and how to seamlessly transition from one to the next.

What Will I Need?

  • A 2-hour block of uninterrupted time
  • Decent Lighting
  • For Virtual: A webcam on computer or on phone. If using phone, please have someone assist you or use a small tabletop tripod or phone holder so I can guide you easily and you can work hands-free
  • Your own current makeup supplies
  • (Optional) My recommended basic kit: Moisturizer, Foundation, atleast three different eyeshadows in shades of brown (one light, one medium, one dark), eyeliner, mascara, lip color, basic brush set

Who is My Coach?

Crystal Konz is a professional skin care and makeup specialist with 9 years of experience. She started her career at the Steiner Institute of Esthetics, where she received her certificate in Esthetics. While there, she was also a skin care and color specialist for Sephora. Upon graduation, she went on to be a top retail manager for companies like Lancome and Bare Minerals.

In recent years, she has built her career as a freelance hair and makeup stylist in the DC metropolitan area working with prestigious on-demand styling company, StyleMeBar. During her time with them, she has styled for networks like CSPAN and EWTN and for top talent, such as author David Baldacci, CSPAN CEO Susan Swain and lead EWTN ancor, Raymond Arroyo.

Crystal is currently in the process of obtaining her Esthetician License from the Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

Ready to Get Glowing??